Price Request

Preferred Pharmaceuticals, Inc. prides itself on obtaining and negotiating the best prices from countless qualified and certified manufacturers. This daily practice is so that we can pass on substantial savings and valuable knowledge to all our loyal and long term partners.  We strive, and succeed, on passing the ‘best-price’ option in the pharmaceautical repackaging market. Based on our high volume purchasing directly from the manufactures, and a state-of-the-art repackaging facility, we are able to pass these savings on to everyone of our partners. When you build a relationship with Preferred Pharmaceuticals you become a direct partner.

Preferred Pharmaceuticals began as a family business almost 20 years ago and has grown into a large scale physician dispensing business model. Now with over a million prescriptions packaged yearly, streamlined repackaging process, and bulk direct manufacturing purchasing; we are able to save on costs that we pass on to all existing and new partners. When you join the profitable pharmaceutical dispensing system you can quickly become part of a growing team and will be running in a matter days, not months.

Request a quick 2-minute review of pricing and see how we can save on your current costs. If you are already a member of a physician dispensing business model you know the benefits, and as a provider you should always select the best services and prices for your practice. If you are new to the business model of pharmaceutical repackaging and you wish to learn about the ease of starting a physician dispensing system please contact. Within minutes you will have all the answers you need to begin adding additional revenue to your own team. For a quick detailed background on what a Physician Dispensing System can do for you click hear to read more.