It's simple as ...

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    Order medication by phone, fax, email or online form

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    Orders are shipped the same day via FedEx at no charge

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    Software automatically reports controlled medications to states that require submission while keeping track of patient information and product inventory.

Preferred Pharmaceuticals

provides physicians with on-site pre-packaged pharmaceuticals that save your patients a trip to pharmacy while creating additional revenue for your practice.


  • CA Food and Drug – Drug Manufacturer
  • CA Wholesale Drug Permit
  • DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency)
  • FDA - New Drug Labeler Registration
  • NABP – VAWD Accreditation
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Physician Benefits

  • Additional revenue stream for your practice
  • Hassle-free ordering and delivery
  • Personalized prescription control
  • Increased patient compliance
  • NABP – VAWD Accreditation
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Patient Benefits

  • Immediate Treatment
  • Convenience
  • No Extra Pharmacy Trips
  • Specialized Patient Service
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    The benefits of the physician dispensing model are numerous and compelling on so many levels. The connection to your patients and the new source of revenue is a direct advantage to your staff as well as your patients. Your growing practice can take advantage of this opportunity, like so many other doctor’s offices, orthopedic surgeons, dental offices, pain clinics, and so on. Prepacked and direct labelled prescriptions are dispensed across the country from so many specialty practices that you will be surprised to find the ease of entering into the dispensing business. Preferred Pharmaceuticals will make your addition into dispensing easy and seamless.

    When you dispense medication directly to the patient in your office or clinic, you allow them to avoid the step of going to the pharmacy. This will save them the time of taking that extra trip, not to mention all the added expenditures involved in the added step for the patient. This is particularly useful for patients who lack transportation or dealing with reduced mobility.

    The physician dispensing model also works in the sense that patients are more likely to comply with the directions that you have given them. When you write a prescription and give it to the patient there is no guarantee that they will fill the prescription when they leave your office. If you are the one who is dispensing the medication, then you will be putting it directly into their hands. The direct contact with the patient adds to a positive service provided, which in turn leads to a higher retention rate.

    On top of that, patients can feel free to ask questions about the medication right there in your office. This shows in a decrease callback rate of patients who fill the prescription days later and have forgotten questions. With this increased direct patient relationship from the office visit, to the direct physician dispensing, you have an increased openness with your patient. Communication is the key between the patient and physician.

    Physician dispensing for medications also works better for your patients that may not speak English as a first language. If you are the operator of a clinic or practice that caters to a segment of the population that speaks limited English, then they might be inclined to speak directly to you as a physician or your staff directly.

    It is also true that usually, you can be reimbursed through insurance plans for the drugs that you are providing for your patients. You can offer medications at a cost that will be comparable to a co-pay at a local pharmacy. There will be no undue markup for the patient, and you are saving them a step.

    When including the physician dispensing business model, you will note that it does not require additional hours or staff to extend this into your business. With Preferred Pharmaceuticals’ deep knowledge in the pharmacy world, many or our pharmacists have over 40 years in the business, and our commitment as business to quality, service and satisfaction; we are here to help in the designing, the planning, and the streamlining of your entry in to in-house dispensing business model. We will include training and processes in a simple straightforward manner that a startup is quick and easy to begin. You can be up and running in a manner of days and without the need to purchase any new equipment. As your business grows, so does ours. We are in this together every step of the way.