Physician Benefits

Physician Benefits of Physician Dispensing

  • Additional revenue stream for your practice
  • Hassle-free ordering and delivery
  • Personalized prescription control
  • Ease of Dispensing Medication
  • Increased patient compliance
  • Customized medication labels
  • Free in-house training for staff
  • Quality control directed by licensed pharmacists
  • Medication directions in multiple languages
  • Packaging that complies with state and federal laws
  • Professional and responsive customer service


The physician dispensing business model for medications is ideal for several reasons. For example, it instantly adds an additional revenue stream for your practice that did not exist before. It will impact your bottom line in a positive way, and you can then allocate that new source of income toward helping your business grow.

The ordering and delivery of the medications you can prescribe to your patients are easy and hassle-free. Our system is structured so you may quickly familiarize yourself with ordering and quick replenishment of on-hand medications. You can make ordering of new medications on an easy daily, weekly, or even monthly routine. Soon, there will be an additional aspect of your practice that your patients will appreciate.

If your office or clinic has physician dispensing medication capabilities, you can personalize the control over prescriptions. If your patients are receiving their medication directly from you, you can be sure that no mistakes are being made and the direct contact, and relationship, with your patient exists from beginning of the office visit to the dispensing of the medication. In these trying times helping your patients remove a stop on their schedule to pick up medications is a benefit for all involved.  

As a fully audited and certified pharmacy repackager in your state, Preferred Pharmaceuticals Inc. will help you in all aspects of compliance and marketing, and at same time increase patient awareness and profitability of your medical practice. Keeping this direct patient communication from the beginning of appointment to the dispensing of medication is a benefit to both physician and patient.  

You can also customize the medication labels, which is an added benefit unavailable in the past. For instance, a direct reminder to certain patients on the pill bottles that the prescription is best taken with food, at what times of day it should be taken, or anything else that you feel is relevant directly to your patient.

There is free in-house training available for your staff as well. Another crucial note to remember when entering into the physician dispensing medication business is that you and your staff together have a direct relationship with the increased revenue in your practice. This type of business model has shown to inspire others within your practice to work toward a common goal.  

We pride ourselves in our excessive internal auditing practices as well as countless external certifications.  Preferred Pharmaceuticals’ staff of licensed pharmacists, and its quality control staff are committed to providing high quality products to your practice. There is a direct confidence of all packaging from inception to the moment a drug is dispensed.  

You can receive medication directions in multiple languages, which you can then pass on to your patients. If yours is a practice that caters specifically to individuals, or a community, that does not speak English as a first language, this can be tremendously helpful for them. This is a service that adds to the quality of your practice.

The packaging for the medications you receive and distribute will always comply with all state and federal laws. The governing bodies that oversee this prescription packaging can be quite strict; and we at Preferred Pharmaceuticals, will always make sure that all regulations are followed to the letter of the law. We are audited by many regulatory bodies every year, thus giving additional confidence to our large client base. You can be sure when partnering with Preferred Pharmaceuticals you are joining the right family for your physician dispensing business. Physicians who partner with us can expect the most responsive and professional of customer service in the business. We are in this together and always ready and willing to answer any of your questions or queries. As your business grows, so does ours.