Patient Benefits

Patient Benefits of Physician Dispensing

  • Immediate Treatment
  • Convenience
  • No Extra Pharmacy Trips
  • Specialized Patient Service

One aspect of the physician dispensing prescription model is that you’ll ensure your patients are going to receive immediate treatment for their ailments. You care about them, and you don’t want there to be any delay when they start a new drug regimen. When you do business with us, you know that you’ll have their medication on hand, and you can provide it to them right there in your office. When dispensing meds directly to the patient the doctor only needs to offer to write the patient a prescription. This saves time of writing the Rx and doctor would then just enter in the patient’s chart. It will be a source of convenience and comfort for them.

An extra trip to the pharmacy is time-consuming, and it’s a challenge for patients who have reduced mobility or are feeling under the weather. Imagine how much easier it will be for them if they can leave your clinic or office with their medication. It will save them a walk or drive to the pharmacy. They won’t have to call on a friend or a relative to give them a lift, nor will they have to spend additional money on a taxi or rideshare program.

You can also provide specialized patient service when you set up a physician dispensing medication program. No one knows your patients better than you do. They might have questions about their medication, and an interaction with a busy pharmacist may not be the best way for them to get the answers.

Your patients are comfortable with you. They will be glad you’re there to answer any queries that they have when they start a new regimen or if you increase their prescribed dosage. They’ll feel much better speaking with someone who knows all about their medical history and with whom they already have a longstanding relationship.

Physician dispensing saves time. It could be that the local pharmacy may not have that particular medication in stock right at that moment, whereas you have it ready for them on the same day as their checkup or consultation. They won’t have to wait in line at the pharmacy. You can fill their prescription so they can head straight home with it.

Finally, the physician dispensation model for medication is ideal for the unique challenges that are presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. This outbreak has altered the routine of so many individuals, but your patients still need treatment for their urgent conditions.

Social distancing means trying to stay home as much as possible right now, and avoiding public places unless it’s absolutely necessary to visit them. Nothing could be more hazardous for your patient than extra trips to the pharmacy, especially for those who have preexisting conditions, like asthmatics or those with weakened immune systems.
You and your patients will both breathe easier knowing that you can give them their medication in your office, with no additional pharmacy trip needed. Your patients will appreciate that you’ve gone the extra mile to keep them safe during this uncertain time. It wouldn’t be hyperbole to say that you providing medication from your office could save lives by minimizing their chances of exposure.